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Come Explore Kayak Fishing With US!

Come Explore Kayak Fishing With US!


Hello and welcome! I am excited to offer kayak fishing guide to your adventures. Through my explorations of MN waters, I have gained some knowledge of the local lakes, and would like to share them with you all. Below is what I am offering currently, and as Wild Urban Adventures grow, I will be adding more team members and more kayaks to my arsenal. During ice fishing season, Wild Urban Adventures does have a small team that is part of the guiding team.

Personalized 1-on-1 Kayak Fishing Guide in Your Personal Kayak (4-5 Hours) 

Dive into the exciting world of kayak fishing with our exclusive 1-on-1 beginner’s guide service. If you’re new to fishing or kayaking, our expert guides are here to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience on the water.

Imagine gliding on the lakes, surrounded by stunning scenery, as your personal guide introduces you to the basics of kayak fishing. With patient instruction and hands on assistance, you’ll learn essential techniques such as casting, reeling, finding fish and navigating in your kayak.

Our guides are seasoned instructors who understand the unique challenges beginners face. You’ll be provided with the necessary guidance on proper equipment, fishing gear and safety essentials to have in your kayak.

Safety is paramount. Our guides are trained in water safety and first aid, ensuring you feel confident and secure throughout your adventure. You’ll also learn essential protocols and how to react in various situations on the water.

It’s not just about fishing skills, our guides are passionate about nature and conservation. They’ll share their knowledge of the local ecosystem, wildlife, and the importance of responsible fishing practices, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for the environment.

This will be a guided 4-5 hour trip, and the rest of the adventures is for you to pave your own destiny into kayak fishing. Take the plunge and start your kayak and fishing journey with us today!

Price: $150 (add $75 for 2nd kayak angler)

Please print, read and sign waiver before guided trips. Under 18, will need parent or adult guardian signature. 

Ice Fishing Packages copy: Welcome
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