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What is the differences between our flies. Here at Wild Urban Adventures, we offer three different tiers of flies to accommodate the many different anglers we have out there. We have the first tier, which is our basic Bucktail fly for the more budget friendly angler. Next is the Premium bucktails and lastly the Super Premo bucktail flies. All are tied with quality name brand hooks, quality bucktails that are hand selected by me, and UTC or Danville 140 to 210 denier threads and other quality materials.

Basic Bucktail Fly


Basic bucktails are tied on a size 4 Umpqua streamer hook with hand selected Bucktail and crystal flash.

Premium Bucktail Fly


Our premium Bucktail fly consists of everything from the basic Bucktail fly, but now we use a high quality Diamon body material, we also resin on glow 3D eyes and add a strip of flash on top to complete the look of our premium Bucktail fly. Eyes are doubled resin and cured for 3 minutes in our curing oven then quality checked before packaging.

Super Premo Bucktail Fly


Our Super Premo has everything from the premium Bucktail fly, but now we utilize a super sharp size 4 Gamakatsu hook and 3D Holographic eyes to give it a super appealing look to even the most finicky fish!

As with all my listings, every fly is very customizable at no extra charge. Did you need different color eyes? Or a different color combination? Or maybe different sized hooks? Or maybe you need us to tie you some different flies? Just message us at before placing an order! Or if you already placed an order, make sure to include the order number so we may reference it to your order.

Thank you for choosing Wild Urban Adventures for your fly needs and all purchase goes to help find out adventures for of YouTube channel and other social media accounts!


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