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New to Fly Fishing? Or want to Learn? Let us coach you!

Come Explore Fly Fishing With Us!


Welcome to the World of Fly Fishing!

  • Getting Started: Hey there, fellow fly angler! Welcome to this exciting journey into the art of fly fishing. Get ready to dive into a world where the rhythm of the cast and the dance of the line are as captivating as the fish themselves.

Gear Up and Get Ready

  • Gear Talk: First things first, let's gear up! We'll walk you through the essentials of fly fishing equipment – from rods to reels, lines to leaders, and everything in between. Think of it as getting your arsenal ready for battle, but with a much more peaceful outcome.

Casting: Let's Make Some Magic Happen

  • Casting Clinic: Time to work on those casting skills! You'll learn how to grip the rod and find your stance. Then, it's all about learning the graceful arcs of the overhead cast, the roll cast, and maybe even a little false casting for good measure. Don't worry if it feels a bit awkward at first – we're here to help you find your rhythm.

Knots: Tie One On

  • Knot School: Knot tying might seem daunting, but fear not! We'll guide you through the steps of tying essential knots, making sure your flies stay securely attached to your line. It's a bit like mastering a new art form, with each knot tying session feeling like a mini accomplishment.

Decoding the Fly Selection Puzzle

  • Fly Talk: Let's talk flies! We'll introduce you to the colorful world of fly patterns, from delicate dry flies to tantalizing nymphs and flashy streamers. Think of it as picking out the perfect outfit for a fancy dinner – except in this case, you're dressing to impress the fish.

Full Day Coaching includes all above plus below:

Getting Your Feet Wet: On-Water Adventures

  • Water Wisdom: Now, it's time to put your newfound skills to the test on the water. We'll teach you how to approach the stream like a stealthy ninja, spot those secret fish-holding spots, and deliver your fly with finesse. Get ready for some heart-pounding moments as you feel that first tug on the line!

Safety First, Fish Forever

  • Respect the Water: Safety is paramount in fly fishing. We'll cover all the basics – from proper wading techniques to handling fish with care. And of course, we'll talk about the importance of ethical fishing practices, because respecting the environment means ensuring we can continue enjoying this sport for years to come.

Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

  • Final Thoughts: As our day on the water comes to a close, take a moment to soak it all in. Whether you're hooked on fly fishing or just dipping your toes in the water, we hope you've gained valuable skills and unforgettable memories. Remember, the journey doesn't end here – there's always more to explore, learn, and discover in the world of fly fishing.

So, are you ready to cast off into the adventure of a lifetime? Let's make some memories on the water!

Personalized Fly Fishing Instruction

We like to keep fly fishing coaching personable, so we are offering coaching to no more than 3 anglers per coach. Please contact us for bigger groups.


Instruction Only:

Price: $100 (add $25 for additional persons up to 2 additional anglers) 3-4 Hour Course plus 1 hour free follow up.

$25 per hour for additional coaching.

Instruction above plus Fishing:

For this option, we'll meet at an area close to a stream. Stream to be determined a few days before scheduled time.

Price: $200 (add $50 per additional person up to 2 additional anglers)

Please print, read and sign waiver before guided trips. Under 18, will need parent or adult guardian signature. 

Fly Fishing Coaching: Welcome
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